Oct. 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Indian brutal death metal legends Gutslit return with their new album Amputheatre via Transcending Obscurity. "Gutslit have improved phenomenally and honed their skills in the company of the new vocalist Kaushal LS of Godless...stand[ing] head and shoulders above from the sea of brutal death metal bands out there, and with a massive European tour lined up this year, Gutslit sure won’t make it easy to forget their masterpiece."  FFO: Dying Fetus, Vulvodynia, Aborted

What I Like: Gutslit have some notable technical prowess in terms of their mighty double-bass drumming and solos that shred your face like Swiss cheese; but like Dying Fetus, the band already stands tall on its foundation of sheer brutality.  As noted in the album's promotion, bands in this style are in no short supply.  Fortunately, thanks to concise songwriting, solid production, and some truly morbid imagery, Amputheatre sticks out from the competition.  The song titles, all having to do with methods of torture, do a good job of summarizing the tuneage within.  Being cooked alive, eviscerated and spread open, bound and broken with mallets (depicted on the cover), and devoured by vermin are all part of the imagery here.  Googling any one of these terms is sure to make your stomach turn, and the band does an excellent job of translating such heinous, incomprehensible acts to disturbing-yet-digestible death metal music.

Critiques: It's still brutal death metal, and brutal death metal isn't exactly the most versatile of genres. If you're looking for something fresh and new, this may not be the album for you.  But if you're looking for one of the bands pushing the style to its full potential, this is it right here.

The Verdict: Amputheatre is exactly the carnival of carnage that it claims to be.  Gutslit have outdone themselves with the full package: heavy, memorable songs, strong performances, a manageable runtime, and cover art that really captures the essence of the music.  Kudos guys.  You're disgusting, but I can't stop banging my head.  Stream in full below.

Flight's Fav's: Brazen Bull, Necktie Party, Brodequin

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