Among The Amorphous

June 26, 2017


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The Pitch: Long Branch Records releases the sophomore album from Danish progressive melodeath band The Interbeing.  FFO: Aspherium, Allegaeon, Soilwork

What I Like: The Interbeing sound a bit like what I'd expect from a metal smoothie consisting of Rammstein, Soilwork, Gojira, and Neurotech blended finely and served cold.  The riffs are pure progressive death metal with some melodeath influences; a winning combination.  The many hooks on this album are what drew me in to begin with and continue to be my favorite element.   But just because the guitars stand out doesn't mean that they define the band's sound.  This accolade goes to the many Sehnsucht-esque keyboard parts and overarching synthesizer elements that carry the atmosphere and concepts across the finish line.  Given the powerful, catchy clean choruses and overall smart balancing of what is accessible with what is heavy, I foresee a large audience for this music if they give it a chance.

Critiques: I don't dislike the vocals per se, but they're notihing to write home about either.  They fit the music, and I enjoy the alternations between harsh and clean styles, but they also carry a certain generic 2000's melodeath vibe.  Maybe something a little less processed and more differentiated next time.

The Verdict: Among The Amorphous is hardly the most interesting or exciting album I have heard in 2017, but it definitely takes me back to the early oughts for an experience not unlike Natural Born Chaos or Figure Number Five.  If you dig melodeath infused with industrialized electroncs and progressive guitarwork, The Interbeing should be right up your alley.

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