American Violence

April 14, 2020


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The Pitch: Oregon-based grinding metallic hardcore outfit Foes tear you to pieces in 16 minutes flat with their new EP American Violence via Glacier Recordings. FFO: Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound, Lock Up

What I Like: As my approach to reviews may illustrate, I'm a big fan of brevity; and such is also often the case for my taste in music. If you can make the same point in 10 minutes as 45, why drag it out? Foes most certainly got the same memo, as their latest release wastes none of your time getting down to business. American Violence is an utter rager absolutely overflowing with its titular savagery. From the pummeling start-stop riffs of "Turnaround King," to the Every Time I Die and Converge-esque guitars of "Devolved Into Humanity" to the wretched Pig Destroyer groove of "Dollar Sign Eyes," Foes always serve up the goods and leave you wanting more. Blasts, D-beat, tom and bass, fearmongering samples... What more could you want?

Critiques: The last 3 tracks aren't quite as memorable for me as the first 4, but really it's all good. Like a said, not a second truly wasted.

The Verdict: American Violence is a sick and, well, violent little EP  perfect for times of civil unrest. Be sure to pick this one up.

Flight's Fav's: Turnaround King, Devolved Into Humanity, Dollar Sign Eyes

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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