Always Be Evolving

Jan. 2, 2017


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The Pitch: Italian one-man progressive post-black metal project that lives up to its album name.  FFO Enslaved, Opeth, Beautality.

What I Like: Evolve really does feel like a fitting title; it is the word that most aptly describes the music.  Howling in the Fog is never content with staying in one place for long.  Compositions are constantly shifting and growing in different directions and taking root in sonic fractals.  It's only black metal to a point, dwelling more frequently in post-metal modes but also poking its horns out now and then to lay down some evil-sounding shrieks.  In this way one might compare the music to recent works from Enslaved, but this is still a wholly different overall result.  Powerful, driving drums, wicked basslines, schizoid guitars, and reverb-ridden clean baritone all play a part in making this album a unique experience.

What I Don't Like: It feels a little long, and while the songs display plenty of dynamics it feels like the album as a whole could use a few more marked ups and downs.  And please, no more whisper vocals.

The Verdict: A solid progressive journey with plenty of variety and promise for the future.  Creating a more concise album as a whole could take what is already great about this project to the next level.  Be sure to also check out the new singe "Enigma" HERE.

Flight's Fav's: Evolve, Stone, Sunburst