April 25, 2017


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The Pitch: Debut EP from French symphonic death metal band Promethean, inspired by Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Emperor

What I Like: Above all else, the riffs pulled me into this one.  Aloades has a pretty impressive display of melodic, technical, and brutal guitar hooks as well as a few solos to boot.  Each track runs through a diverse spectrum of styles and approaches.  Adding to this impressive performance are the fun symphonic synth additions that permeate the majority of the record.  The simulated string flourishes and epic backing sections infuse compositions with plenty of drama and scale.  As for the vocals, Promethean display a moderate range, oscillating between brutal growls and wretched highs.  Plenty of curb-stomping appeal in the delivery for sure.

Critiques: If the synths and guitars are the high point of the album, I'd say the most room for growth is in the vocals and drums.  Regarding the former, I would like the see the aforementioned range utilized with a little more finesse and variation.  There are too many same-same growly parts and often some tweaks in simple cadence would go a long way.  As for the drums, the performance itself is strong, but the production is lacking.  The kit feels a little flat to me.  No deal-breakers here, but room for improvement as always.

The Verdict: An impressive debut effort from this hungry, young death metal band.  In general, Paris is a great place to be when it comes to creating unique and heavy sounds without being quite so infected by typical mainstream aesthetics.  I look forward to hearing future releases from these guys and see how they grow.

Flight's Fav's: Le Supplice des Aloades, Niobides