Oct. 12, 2018


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The Pitch: Witness the precision and scope of Montreal technical/progressive death metal band Beyond Creation's latest album via Season Of Mist. FFO: Archspire, The Ritual Aura, The Zenith Passage

What I Like: Can someone please turn off the stream of amazing metal releases? Like just for a month maybe? I told myself I wouldn't do two reviews a day anymore to reclaim my personal life, but that becomes impossible when its raining albums like Algorythm. Beyond Creation continue to upset my applecart with yet another contender for top 10 Musicianship of the year (and mind you that's just since August). I'm already in the process of making rule-outs, but with its infectious bass grooves and pristine riffage, this one just refuses to be ignored. And speaking of bass, I'm always pleased to come across a band that manages to make this instrument a true driving force of the music. Think Alkaloid or Arkaik. All 4 of these guys play their asses off on this record, and while arguably a little polished, the production perfectly captures every single note. Great range too; fire up "Surface's Echoes" and listen to them nail everything from smooth jazz to foot-tapping prog.

Critiques: The album is nearly an hour, and I start to feel it in the second half. I think that Beyond Creation are more than capable of crafting long albums given their obvious talent and proficiency, but the pacing is off just a smidge. By the time I get to "Binomial Structures" I'm honestly just ready for it to be over, which is frustrating. Understand that I still find these songs artistically impressive; there's simply fat that needs trimming. Maybe it's just me, but I can think of plenty of hour+ albums this year that never had me thinking about time.

The Verdict: Mild pacing issues aside, Algorythm is yet another highly impressive entry in the technical and progressive death metal genres. The riffs are engrossing, the drumming powerful, and the death growls all-encompassing. Again, I'm certain you'll find this on a number of year end lists come December.

Flight's Fav's: Entre Suffrage Et Mirage, Surface's Echoes, The Afterlife

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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