April 24, 2017


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The Pitch: Italian blackened death metal filled with plenty of fire and brimstone from Hideous Divinity via 16th Cellar Studios.  FFO Aborted (features former members), Behemoth, Benighted, Imperium. “The entire album is a reflection on history and time, on the succession of futile ages, on the role of the poet as soothsayer and witness of the winds of time erasing each one of these ages from the face of the earth. A reflection on Walter Benjamin predicting the ‘adveniens’ of David Cronenberg, on Professor O’Blivion predicting an era when ‘all of us will have special names.’ Adveniens is a violent reflection on art.”

What I Like: This album is an excellent cross-section of the bands listed above.  You get the unrelentingly brutal and technical elements of Aborted, but also the epic, Babylonian-sounding riffs and melodies of Behemoth and Sulphur Aeon rolled into one package.  The drumming on this album is totally bonkers.  Listen to "Feeding off the Blind."  That track alone is a constantly contorting act of bodily harm when it comes to the ever-shifting rhythms on the kit.  Ruthless blasts, pounding toms, relentless double bass, and even some punkier beats are crafted into a seemingly endless freight train of destruction.  Top it off with some gut-wrenching growls and prepare to be left trampled in Hideous Divinity's wake.

What I Don't Like: One could argue the the recording is a little too pristine and processed.  It doesn't have that live performance feel that I am such a fan of.  Even so, I think the results go over well for the style.

The Verdict: Insert obvious adjectives here.  "Crushing," "Abominable," "Explosive,"  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Just listen to the damn thing.  It's really heavy and well-performed.  Check it out below.

Flight's Fav's: Passages, Feeding Off The Blind, Messianica