Oct. 31, 2019


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The Pitch: Stunningly atmospheric black metal music from Acathexis ft. members of Mare Cognitum, Downfall Of Nur, and Maladie. FFO: Uada, Mgla, Mare Cognitum

What I Like: There is a place where the opposing worlds of harmonious melody and insidious dissonance meet, and Acathexis seem to have found the exact point of intersection. In just 4 tracks, this band has crafted a journey as harrowing as it is mournful and introspective. It rivals the much praised new material of Mgla in its union of pitch darkness with glimmers of transcendent light; quite spectacularly I might add. Over roughly 10 minutes, each track features its own thoughtful build from traditional black metal sentiments to truly epic flourishes of massive, melancholic guitars and seriously imposing vocals.

Critiques: Pretty familiar stuff these days, but once more you'll be hard pressed to call this a cheap imitation.

The Verdict: Acathexis was an album I missed when it originally dropped in 2018, but I am glad to have caught it on this reissue. It is a truly stunning peice of art that is utterly cpativating in its balance of light and darkness.

Flight's Fav's: Immurement, Veins Hollowed

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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