ABORTED Albums RANKED Through Vault Of Horrors

March 15, 2024


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Welcome to our gruesome journey through the discography of one of death metal's most relentless bands, Aborted! In this video, we delve into the relentless sonic assault that is Aborted's albums, culminating in their latest 2024 release, "Vault of Horrors." Join us as we meticulously dissect each album, from their early days of blood-soaked brutality to the evolved soundscapes of their latest offerings. With an unapologetically brutal approach to death metal, Aborted has consistently pushed the boundaries of extremity while maintaining a unique identity within the genre. From the visceral intensity of "The Purity of Perversion" to the relentless onslaught of "The Archaic Abattoir," we'll explore the evolution of Aborted's sound and how each album contributes to their legacy of horror-infused metal.

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