A Throne of Ash

June 19, 2019


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The Pitch: Sweden's This Gift Is A Curse with a new album that pulls from "the ice-cold veneer of black metal, the cacophonous thunder of noise-core, and the vicious attack of grind/crust" via Season Of Mist. FFO: Full Of Hell, Anaal Nathrakh. Hexis

What I Like: This is a great example of how an intriguing album cover can draw in listeners and really capture the essence of an album. Utter blasphemous carnage. A Throne Of Ash is my personal introduction to This Gift Is A Curse, and in short, it is the superior godless cacophony that fell short for me on the new Full Of Hell. When compared to Weeping Choir, A Throne Of Ash is better paced, more consistently engaging, and arguably even more destructive. Just for example, listen to the opening hook of "Thresholds." Alongside the chaotic drumming and distorted snarls, it's among the most imposing sonic forces of the year. But, I don't want to oversell the similarities. This Gift Is A Curse lean much more heavily on their black metal influences than those of noise and grind. Even so, the overall resulting effect goes well beyond the boundaries of your typical BM release.

Critiques: I have a love hate relationship with the production on this album. On the one hand, I appreciate how its raw, ugly approach amplifies these qualities of the music; but on the other it often feels a bit flat, which detracts from some of the more dramatic elements.

The Verdict: A Throne Of Ash is an impressive display of authoritarianism delivered through both brute force and ominous atmosphere. This Gift Is A Curse foment only the most offensive cognitions and insidious imagery. Consistent, powerful, engaging.

Flight's Fav's: Wolvking, I Am Katharsis, Thresholds

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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