A Scent Like Wolves Interview

Feb. 18, 2021


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Chris talks to Pennsylvania based metalcore/post hardcore band A Scent Like Wolves. Mystic Auras is a concept album that sets out to uncover the things we desire and why we are drawn to them. Lyrical content on the release ranges from the plights of socioeconomic status quo, depression, the stigma of mental illness, to the deconstruction of personal and intimate relationships. These are all common themes that are explored in some light throughout the progression of the album. The LP features notable guest appearances from JT Cavey (ERRA), Booka Nile (MAKE THEM SUFFER), Brian Wille (CURRENTS), and Mattéo Gelsomino (NOVELISTS).

A Scent Like Wolves Websitehttp://www.aslwofficial.com/

We Are Triumphanthttps://www.wearetriumphant.com/

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