A Reptilian Dystopia

Jan. 16, 2020


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The Pitch: Connecticut progressive death metal band FROGG seriously defy expectations with this impressive self-released EP. FFO: The Ritual Aura, Fallujah, Inferi

What I Like: I made a lot of assumptions when I first heard the name FROGG. Certainly this is some plodding sludge or doom project, right? Not even close. It was quite a surprise to press play on this thing and instead be met with lightning paced progressive death metal akin to the likes of Fallujah and The Ritual Aura. This EP is a riff machine. In just 17 minutes, FROGG deliver more memorable hooks than most hope to in 45-60. A wide variety of melodeath and prog death influences come through strong, making for a very dynamic experience; one that also mixes direct, to-the-point content with more extensive excursions like the 7+ minute "DNA." In either case, the band prove themselves to be more than proficient at crafting highly engaging songwriting.

Critiques: The vocals are a little one note. For how diverse and multifacted the other instrumentation is, the deep growls comne off as comparatively flat.

The Verdict: This is an incredible EP, guys. Every one of these songs has made it into heavy rotation, and I am honestly so excited to hear more in the future. Just step up the vocal game a little more and this project is going places.

Flight's Fav's: Can't choose. They're all really good.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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