A Mist in the Dark

March 29, 2017


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The Pitch: The mighty W.T.C. Productions presents Polish black metal band, Medico Peste's new mini-album, Herzogian Darkness.  FFO Outre, Schammasch, Sulphur Aeon

What I Like:  I am so easily suckered in by the style of intro with whcih this album opens.  Those ominous, spiraling guitar hooks are the calling card of many of my favorite black metal anthems.  They always conjure images of a strange mist shimmering against a pitch black backdrop...and there's an uneasy feeling about its source.  Cthulu-esque monsters seem to lurk just out of view.  But on a more pragmatic note, these songs are just awesomely aggressive and concisely constructed.  The vocals, be it the grim howls or the even more disconcerting gang chanting, are incredibly potent.  And not being a regular to the works of Bauhaus, I cannot believe that "Stigmata Martyr" is a cover of a post-punk track.  This is how you justify recreating a song by actually making it your own.

What I Don't Like: Very little.  It's not the most inventive thing I have heard so far this year, but it has its unique qualities and does an excellent job of conveying its ideas.

The Verdict: A delightful black metal outing that once more proves W.T.C. knows its stuff when it comes to promoting BM bands you should be aware of.

Flight's Fav's: Herzogian Darkness, Hallucinating Warmth and Bliss