A Long, Eternal Fall

May 31, 2017


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The Pitch: Translation Loss and Throatruiner present the new full length album from French experimental mathcore group, Comity.  FFO Converge, Krallice, Bosse-de-Nage

What I Like: If nothing else, this is a highly technical and layered experience.  I am going to stick by my comparison of Converge meets Krallice; with the dissonance and chaos of the latter, but the accessibility and drive of the former.  There are some highly rewarding tracks to be found here, including the 10 minute+ "VII," which combines more upbeat melodies with the aforementioned abrasive and progressive structures.  There was even a few moments that made me recall The Fall of Troy, though even these find a more extreme, blackened aesthetic.

What I Don't Like: This is another one of those times where the dissonant, technical elements of a band sometimes override my overall enjoyment.  There are certainly times where everything comes together to form compositions that are both highly proficient and engrossing, but others I am tempted to skip forward.

The Verdict: An album that on which I see room for improvement, but also one that solidifies Comity as a worthwhile investment for fans of proficient and sometimes experimental performances.  It's out now.

Flight's Fav's: III, IV, VI