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Oct. 27, 2016


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The Pitch: Absu meets Opeth meets Emperor for this three-way of Slovenian sci-fi black metal magic.

What I Like: Those first two bands are known for their riffs, and Teleport sounds as if they drank their blood to gain their powers.  You get your racing black thrash as well as your proggy Blackwater Park throwbacks ("Artificial Divination").  That build towards the end of "Realm of Solar Darkness" is straight out of Abzu, but then the part right afterwards is straight second wave.  The vocals are also truly wretched in the vein of both old school Ihsahn and Proscriptor.

What I Don't Like: "Path to Omniscience" feels a little dull in comparison to the other tracks, but it's still far from a bad one.  I dig the bassline.  I also just wish there was more.

The Verdict: Teleport hit it right out of the park with a set of influences that just happens to form a triad of metal nerddom for this particular writer.  The added sci fi themes are making me reach for my pocket protector.

Flight's Fav's: "The Monolith," "Artificial Divination"