A Distant Reflection of the Void

Oct. 5, 2018


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The Pitch: Hallig delivers a cathartic new melodic black metal album via Talheim Records. One "evoking images of depths of dark waters, madness, and transcendence, adorned with nordic melodies." FFO: Cult Of Fire, A Forest Of Stars, Windir

What I Like: For those who don't spend much time exploring the depths of black metal, "blissful" isn't an adjective one might associate with the genre. But when it comes to albums like A Distant Reflection of the Void, I can think of no better descriptor. Sure, the music is still comprised of harsh screams, aggressive blastbeats, and distorted tremolos; but the way in which these common elements align to portray a particular theme is largely up to the composer. As such, Hallig's grief stricken howls and folky melodies trend towards emotional catharsis as opposed to pure darkness. Their sound seems to fully embrace the dire weight of existence, sorrows and all, and channel this understanding into an ultimately positve meditation. With the help of various folk and melodeath metal influences, even some death growls along the way, this is a true wonder.

Critiques: I hope you've strapped yourself in for the long haul, because this is no light undertaking. At over an hour of dense, introspective songwriting, those looking for a quick romp best turn back now. I think that Hallig do an admirable job of defending the runtime with varied compositions and dynamics; even the more repetitious moments harness a certain entrancing quality. However, if I had one criticism it's that the message could likely be delivered in a more concise manner.

The Verdict: Gorgeous, stunning, and again "blissful." A Distant Reflection of the Void is all of these things, and could serve as an excellent gateway to those unsure of delving into the deeper annals of black metal. As for the initiated, Hallig are a band that need to be added to you up and coming list. This is nothing to sneeze at.

Flight's Fav's: A Dawn beneath Titanium Clouds, Neues Land, From Ashes All Blooms

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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