156/Silence Exclusive Premiere of 'Karma'

May 9, 2017


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The Pitch: 156/Silence are at it again.  Hot off of their shift in sound with the "Turmoil" music video, we get a new EP in this more aggressive, mathcore vein.  Hear it early only at Metal Trenches.  FFO Ion Dissonance, Ilenkus, The Chariot

What I Like: As much love as I have for all forms of extreme music, I am constantly reminded that deep down I was raised as a bit of a 'core kid.  My formative years were all about Poison the Well and Dillinger Escape Plan, so albums like Karma really hit deep for me.  Bias out in the open, I really enjoy this EP.  156/Silence carry on their transition from more melodic, post-harcore group to a straight up worship of early Norma Jean and the like.  The vocals will kick your a$$, even with minimal musical accompaniment as on the opening of the final track.  This is vicious barking carefully crafted to tap into that lower brain.  The guitars and drums get playful with time signatures, but more importantly blast a hole in your stereo system with the wailing feedback.  There are also some efforts to expand the sound, as with the aforementioned closing track and a few more subtle inclusions.

Critiques: I'd say keep exploring the various corners of this new sound like you seem to be already.  I think with ongoing support and a willingness to keep trying new things we could be talking about this band the same way we do about Every Time I Die a few years from now.  Pre-order it HERE for just $5.  It comes out Friday.

The Verdict: A tight-as-a-drum 12 minute EP filled with fun musicianship, driving force, and bludgeoning vocals.  Get it Friday.

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