Swedish Sludge and Doom from V (Full Stream)

Nov. 8, 2017

"Pathogenesis, the debut full-length album from Swedish sludgy doom metallers V, who feature in their ranks current and former members of Katatonia, In Mourning, Oak and Afgrund, is officially out today on Suicide Records.

Recorded at Midlake studios in Dalarna – Sweden, mixed by A. Baier at Midlake 2 studios, and mastered by Panu Posti at Mean Seed Lab in Helsinki, the new album is 6 songs and 42 minutes of bleak, dark and sludgy doom metal and is now streaming in full via Noisey, who commented “V’s members are also involved in high-profile bands like Katatonia, In Mourning, Afrgrund, and Oak; collectively, these Swedes bring plenty of experience to the darkness of Pathogenisis and the fragile beauty that they allow to hint at throughout, not least in the bittersweet melodies of “Suspended Animation” and its shimmers of light gliding over gothic guitars.”" Stream it in full HERE. Check out the music video below.