STREAM: Vile Dissonance from MISCARRIAGE (FFO Primitive Man)

Jan. 4, 2019

Miscarriage is an international band made up of members from Sweden and the USA. Their music can be described as"a chaotic, uncompromising and dissonant style of deathgrind that has been compared to such bands as Full of Hell, Circle of Dead Children, Hexis, Last Days of Humanity and Primitive Man just to mention a few." Personally, I especially concur with that last one.

Imminent Horror is the band's fifth release, and it is a vile monster indeed. Compared to previous outings, the band describes it as quite different in focusing on more of a sludge/doom approach while still maintaining the experimental and dissonant feel that has been present throughout previous releases. "The idea for this release was to emulate the gradual descent into the deepest regions of a metaphysical hell through creating nightmarish and hellish soundscapes." Listen and download (Name Your Own Price) below.

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