STREAM: Progressive Metalcore from Long Beach's CIRCUITRY

Nov. 22, 2018

"Circuitry surges signature electricity into modern heavy music. Years of experimentation in multiple genres have resulted in a potent, debilitating groove to which there is no known antidote. The trio, consisting of vocalist, Joel Monet, guitarist and background vocalist, Christian Colabelli, and drummer, Matt Guglielmo, fuses elements of modern progressive metal with classic metalcore, death, and catchy hooks, into an unmistakable signature sound. Circuitry’s rhythmic acuity and energetic live show gained them an allegiance of devotees encompassing a broad spectrum of tastes since their inception in late 2013. The band appeals to lovers of punk, hardcore, metal, and progressive music alike and has quickly earned a reputation for serious chops, flowing creativity and upbeat professionalism."

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