STREAM: Progressive Death/Thrash from BROTTHOGG

Aug. 26, 2019

"Brotthogg deals in epic, progressive black/death/thrash metal that owes its allegiance to bands like Emperor’, Old Man's Child, Symphony X and Dissection. With this first full length album following the 2017 EP The Last Traveler, Brotthogg presents a fine mixture of modern, melodic, fast-paced epic black/death metal."

”We aim to offer our listeners both the superficial adrenalin rush of furiously heavy metal and the deeper, more sustained pleasure that comes via repeated listens. This is black metal influenced heavily by melodic death metal, and strongly laced with elements of thrash, and I hope we have created an ambitious and intriguing release well worth exploring”. The name Brotthogg is derived from an old forgotten norwegian word in dialect meaning ”The one who has to take care of the job, the unpleasant one”

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