STREAM: Progressive Death Metal from WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS

Aug. 9, 2018

"Weight Of Emptiness is a chilean band of metal which practice a mixture style in which can be distinguished progressive, death, doom, and black metal. The band has its origins in 2012, when the former members from the missing band Twilight Mist, Juan Acevedo and Alejandro Bravo on guitars and Alejandro Ruiz on vocals, started to make their first compositions. On Twilight Mist they had a career path of almost 10 years, innovating on progressive metal trends, so decided continuing the legacy, adding actual elements to their music. They established the first formation with David Hernández, bassist which simultaneously takes part of the progressive metal band Morver, and Mauricio Basso on drums, leader of Letargo band, having about 20 years of career, both incorporating a rhythm base full of progressive elements, which make Weight Of Emptiness their unique and avant-garde sound recognized into the chilean metal scene."

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