STREAM: Progressive Death Metal and Sludge from GROSS MISCONDUCT

Nov. 2, 2018

"Equinox is an amalgam of the frantic thrash found on the band's debut and the more progressive death metal elements of its followup. The fast parts are faster, the slow parts are moodier. Songs breathe. Imagine Cynic with a dollop of Death, a smattering of The Crown/Mastodon/Gojira and healthy doses of 1980s Metallica and Slayer. This is where Equinox finds its home." I think that last bit is particularly apt when it comes to British Columbia's Gross Misconduct. Listening to lead single "A Place Of Bones," I was getting more than a few vibes from Blood Mountain-era Mastodon and early Gojira. The album just dropped today, so get listening.

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