STREAM: Powerviolence from Washington DC's BRAINPAN

Aug. 10, 2018

"Formed in 2015 in Washington, DC, members of Brainpan have spent time in Salome, Die Young, Tomb Warden and other decidedly less notable projects that run the gamut from black metal to classic NY thrash. Brainpan coalesced around a plasmic center of mutual love for powerviolence, dark hardcore and the occasional blastbeat; culling influence from a swath of hardcore and grind including Despise You, Enemy Soil, Skitsystem, Crom, Cursed, Spazz, His Hero Is Gone and Iron Lung. Lyrically and aesthetically, Brainpan extend one collective limb into each quadrant of a Punnett square made of up of dystopic hard sci-fi, in-jokes, 1980’s horror movies and the absurdism of Monty Python. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead distills all of the above down into just over 20 minutes of grind-influenced hardcore that is bound to be labelled as confusing, pretentious and downright stupid, which all sounds just about right." The album is out today. Stream and purchase below."

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