STREAM: Post-Black from Russia's TRNA

March 19, 2018

"TRNA is an incredible 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation that creates dark fierce, powerfully evocative and overwhelming music like the destructive beauty of nature.Their incessant and untamed fury soars in ethereal dreamscapes. TRNA can be broadly categorised in the blackgaze genre and have been dubbed by the press as the pioneers of celestial blackened post. Recorded and mastered by Mikhail Kurochkin and featuring new drummer Timur Yusupov, “EARTHCULT” is the follow-up to “Lose Yourself To Find Peace”, their phenomenal 2016 sophomore album which Elusive Sound released on vinyl in August 2017 and at the time became our fastest selling album." Much like the album art, this album is both beautiful and utterly haunting. Every fan of atmospheric music should check this thing out.


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