STREAM: Mike Patton-Esque Jazz Madness from LOU KELLY

Oct. 14, 2019

Lou Kelly is an eclectic California musician who, much like Mike Patton, never seems content to stick with any one style... or even a common thread between albums. I had previously praised him for making one of my favorite releases of 2018 in the mathcore-infused orchestrations of The Vulgarian Philharmonic. He now follows that up with something best described in his own words: "A fake revue musical soundtrack about a hedonistic, purposeless city that God forgot. Each song is a glimpse at the various lives swallowed by Junk City. Musically speaking, I was trying to go for a generally sleazy blend of punk(ish) rock, swing, kitschy jazz with a vaguely pop-like sensibility (scum pop, if you will)." That about sums it up. Listen to the madness below.

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