STREAM: Instrumental Post-Metal from MESSAGE IN A CLOUD

July 5, 2018

More blissful, introspective post-metal/rock; this time from Athens' Message In A Cloud. Beginning as a one man project by Nikos Loukopoulos in 2014, Nikos later gathered some already experienced musicians of the rock and metal scene in town to craft a soaring mixture of post rock, post metal, shoegaze and black metal for fans of bands like Alcest, ISIS, and Deafheaven. Τheir first full-length album, Anassa, was recorded in 2017 at Ritual Studios, Athens. It is a six track instrumental album driven mostly by slow atmospheric parts blended with massive reverb sections, electronic elements and some blast-beat outbursts. The unique artwork was done by Costin Chioreanu (Arcturus, Paradise Lost, Solsfafir etc.). The album will be available on vinyl format by Ikaros Records on 7/13. Listen below.

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