STREAM: Highly Atmospheric Black Metal from INNERO

March 7, 2019

"In this occasion we found INNERO, a name maybe unknown to the most of you but totally worth of a moment of your time. In fact, this is not the average band at all. Formed by ex members of astonishing black metal acts such as Malnatt and Bland Vargar back in 2016, INNERO are the quintessential example of dedication and attitude. Part of the Order Of The Eclipse, the musicians involved in this project have taken their knowledge to an extreme yet poetic musical level, through paganism and mythology, through history and philosophy, following a shamanic path of inner consciousness and renewal. In ChaosWolf you will be able to find the epic of bands such as Primordial and Bathory, the violence of Immortal, the mesmerising soundscapes of Ulver and DissectionThe whole, merged in a unique and highly evocative mix of emotions, harsh and dramatic at the same time." Listen via Third I Rex below.

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