STREAM: Haunting Black Metal from UUNTAR

March 13, 2018

"Uuntar is a project by two Dutch veterans black metallers Herjann (Heimdalls Wacht, Cultus, ex-Countess, ex-Mordaehoth) and Nortfalke (Kjeld, Lugubre, Tarnkappe). The band's first chapter, "Voorvaderverering", will be released on March 20 on CD and digitally.The duo recorded the six-song effort as a humble dedication to warriors and their traditions longgone. It is a nostalgic retrospect on old values and customs, in particular focusing around burialrites, dolmens and grave mounds in the north-east of The Netherlands.The album was self-produced by the band so expect an unpolished sound that captures the coldwinter atmosphere and charactaristic smell from the forests of Grouninga, Tuianti and Threant." These haunting melodies are quite stunning, I assure you. Listen below.