STREAM: Harsh Atmospheric Black Metal from GEISTERFELS

June 7, 2018

French black metal project, Geisterfels, was founded in 2013 by Céline Rosenheim, ultimately forming a trio with Aldébaran (Darkenhöld) and Aharon (Griffon). "Geisterfels builds its music around medieval themes with the will to perpetuate the sound of the 90s and the emotional sceneries conveyed by old school and atmospheric black metal. La névrose de la pierre is the tale of a trip, the one of a French poet who visited the Rhine and the Mosel valleys at the end of the nineteenth century. He was amazed by the many castles he found on his path. His poems thus make a parallel between the majestic ruins he’s seen and the sorrows leading one’s mind to collapse." Listen below and download for just 3 Euro.

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