STREAM: Expansive, Atmospheric BM from SANGUINARY TRANCE

Sept. 13, 2018

"Sanguinary Trance is a Black Metal project from Vienna/Austria, founded in 2013 after several years of stylistic experimentation in various other outlets. Four more years were spent writing and refining the material that would become the debut EP Wine, Song and Sacrifice, which was released on June 14th in digital format on Bandcamp and will be available on cassette in late July.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice contains three songs of frantic and melodic Black Metal, firmly rooted in the traditions of 1990s second wave BM. Each song follows its own path: After the epic title track with its narrative structure and twisted melodies, "Carvings" shows a colder and more rigid approach and "The Dionysos Whip" dissolves in dissonant chaos and psychedelic experimentation.

In accordance with the musical shifts, the lyrical contents deal with various different paths towards the devil: sin and ecstatic violence in "Wine, Song and Sacrifice", the immediate sensation of being possessed in "Carvings", wordless chaos and dissolution in "The Dionysos Whip". The lyrics are based on personal experience and interpretation and do not follow any given path; the title track takes influences from Georges Bataille and the O9A though, both of which have been a huge source of inspiration in general." - Sanguinary Trance

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- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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