STREAM: Eclectic, Unpredictable Post-Metal from Italy's VISCERA///

Dec. 5, 2018

"Started during the early ‘00s as a grind band, VISCERA///’s sound took a completely different turn almost right away, mixing to the grindish attitude a post metal vibe which was totally unprecedented at that time. With its first three releases the band explored new solutions taking them to a mindblowing result with in its first LP “Cyclops” (2007) where the post metal vibe and sludge vibe the band offered was totally distant from nowadays commonly abused results. Precursors on Italian soil for such vibes, VISCERA/// didn’t stop their evolution process and in time they improved and bastardised their influences even more, releasing amazing albums on a yearly basis, and two new incredible LP 2: As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion Of The I (2010) and 3 | Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals (2017). This latest one especially has represented the will of the band to offer something new to the public, concentrating the efforts of over forteen years of activity in a unique work. This year, as expected, VISCERA/// are back with a new EP titled City Of Dope And Violence, a new take on the band uncompromised sound which marks yet a new evolution in its post fueled, hallucinated sludge, grind minded vibe."

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