STREAM: Eclectic Progressive Death Metal from A NOVELIST

Feb. 8, 2019

"A Novelist is the creative partnership of drummer Alex Babineaux and vocalist, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Nugent. Started in 2009 between friends in Lafayette, Louisiana, they began with the simple goal of writing and playing death metal. Over time their goals as a band grew larger, driven by a bold desire to expand the idea of what death metal can be through free and uncompromised expression. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ben Nugent explains A Novelist’s eclectic sound as drawing from “black metal, death metal, prog metal, psychedelia, post-hardcore, blues, prog rock, jazz, fusion, ambient music, surrealist film, and noir film." For Fans Of: Between The Buried And Me, Opeth, Glorior Belli, The Faceless, The Human Abstract, Opeth, The Mars Volta, The Armed, Dillinger Escape Plan.

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