STREAM: Doomy Black and Death Metal from Arkansas band TORII

June 13, 2018

Full disclosure, Eric (vocals) and I are familiar and have collaborated on some articles over at The Grim Tower. That out of the way, A Judgement Divine is a grim and morose celebration of raw black and death metal. Foregoing studio polish and flashy riffs, this feels like a callback to the early 90's when metal was still largely ugly and underground. It's slow, doomy stuff that trudges through a deep mire of depression. Toilet ov Hell have called Torii "undoubtedly the single best unsigned band in the entire Razorback State of Arkansas," and having lived just next door to the state for a time, I think that's a fair assessment. Save for a few diamonds in the rough, that entire region is severely lacking in decent metal. It's nice to know that there are bands like Torri out there representing the genre for the South. 

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