STREAM: Depressive, Atmospheric Post-Black from LIFE

Oct. 31, 2018

"life is the brainchild of prolific DSBM mastermind Damián Ojeda (Sadness, Born an Abomination, Left Alone...). This release, which compiles the first two demos, embodies a truly unique approach to the depressive, atmospheric, and post-black metal styles, matching the evocative melodic qualities of bands like Dressed in Streams or Austere with clear nods to classic 90's emo, all engulfed in a lower-fidelity grit. Proficient, catchy, and engaging from start to finish, life's demo two is a worthy addition to any collection." Listening to this demo is traversing a vast palette of many different emotions. Violently, sorrowful downpours, melancholic piano, and indie-flavored bouts of hope draw comparisons to everything from Deafheaven to The Cure. Listen below.

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