STREAM: Death Metal from Ottawa's OMINOUS ECLIPSE

Sept. 14, 2018

A very ambitious band passionate about writing and playing extreme music, Ottawa ON’s OMINOUS ECLIPSE draws their inspiration from a wide variety of genres to create a unique hybrid sound with death metal being the main aspect combined with elements of thrash, groove, black, melodic, etc. Active since 2014, OMINOUS ECLIPSE has been making waves on the local scene opening for names such as Revocation, The Agonist, Kalmah, Archspire, Incantation, Vesperia, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil to name a few. In the same year of their conception, they unleashed a four song EP Beyond The Apocalypse with a full length End Of Days following not long after in 2015. Now in 2018, they return with their sophomore album Sinister due out September 14th.

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