STREAM: Blackened Hardcore from WOES

July 3, 2018

"WOES represents a brand new take on the Copenhagen DIY Hardcore scene. The band has released two EP’s and is finally ready with their debut album ‘The Coldest Place Is Within Myself’ which contains a hard hitting hybrid of Hardcore punk, modern black metal and cinematic synths patterns.Each track has its own place on the thematic record, purposely drawing the listener into the harsh scandinavian nature that has served as the main source of inspiration for the concept album. The lyrics contributes to the cinematic aspect of the album, using picturely metaphors and descriptions from a first person point of view while still drawing parallels to deeply emotional thematics such as self-doubt, depression and love. The ambient synth parts remains subtile in the background, serving as a great counterweight to the harsh yet precise soundscape."

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