STREAM: Avantgarde Black Metal from HANORMALE

Jan. 31, 2019

"The only possible way to describe Hanormale's new album Reborn in Butterfly in one way: "... ideas come from Chaos ..." The HANORMALE project conceives the work in a logic that's diametrically opposed to the modus operandi of any musician, starting from rhythmic sequences fixed with a spirit of improvisation, to which musical parts, arrangements, voices and effects have been added. The album is introduced by the first track that deviates from the compositional method of the work, as a tribute to TWIN PEAKS and as a glue with the previous unmissable album." Ya'll may know I'm a bit of a Lynch nut, so this reimagining of this classic Angelo Badalamenti theme definitely caught my ear. If you're craving something wholly original and a little off the wall, listen below.

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