STREAM: 34 Minutes Of Madness from IMPERIAL CULT

Sept. 16, 2019

'A thirty four-minute spectral avalanche of largely improvised raw black metal fury, Imperial Cult's debut LP Spasm of Light was recorded live in 2017 as a single, half hour long trance-inducing movement of embodied chaos designed to dismantle the psyche. The phantasmal vocals, combined with the repetitive intensity of the music, create an impenetrable fortress casting its spectral shadow unto a scorched and barren wasteland. As previously seen in bands like Fell Voices, on this mesmerizing inaugural work the Dutch band have erected an unyielding wall of black metal drone trance whose framework is rooted on repetitive, cyclical, and vorticose cyclones of furious raw black immersed in a storming haze of decaying ambient-noise that defies logic and sanity."

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