Skullcrushing Sludge from BULLHEAD (Full Stream)

Nov. 28, 2017

"Bullhead are from Birmingham/Kingswinford, England and were formed in December 2016 to create skullcrushingly filthy sludge with a variety of influence and craziness. We wanted to play really heavy mixed tempo sludge in the style of Iron Monkey & Eyehategod mixed with the weirdness of Melvins and the sounds of cool bands in the local sludge scene like Yamakunt and Burden of the Noose, as well as the crushing sound of Meth Drinker/Godflesh, to craft our own unique sound. Stuart provides shrieks of agony with obscure brutal esoteric lyrics and Bulldozing bass, and Josh performs 6 string grinding cuntsaw and bonecrushing wardrum percussion. Our sound is fucking heavy and nasty but people fucking love it.

Our first demo 'Black Goat Abortion' was released digitally and on limited cassette format in October and contains 3 tracks of filthy fucking sludgey shit; 'Yodŏk Pigeon Abortion' is about Torture in North Korean Prison Camps, 'Black Tsunami' is about Black tar heroin and other drugs, and how I'm glad people who have wronged us in the past are now are now destroying themselves with them, finally the third song is our unique take on Melvins’ Night Goat."