Progressive/Melodic DM from EMBRACE THE DAWN (Full Album)

Nov. 20, 2017

"Two years after their first Promo EP, [Australian] progressive metallers Embrace the Dawn are back with their first full length album The Effigist. Along with the bands founder Ben Tinker (Australia) on guitar, Embrace the Dawn sees a revamped line up sourced from around the globe. Denis Landry (Canada) takes up bass duties, Kevin Talley (USA) on drums, and Roger Isaksen (Norway) completes the line-up on vocals.

The album, mixed by acclaimed producer Eyal Levi, focuses mainly on Embrace the Dawn’s trademark progressive style, with it, The Effigist brings plenty of technical, thrash, and symphonic metal elements into the fray. Melodic machinations and tasty hooks combine with an onslaught of punishing riffs. The Effigist exhibits lyrical content often delving into a dystopian, political, thought provoking world, making for a cerebrally rewarding album."