Progressive Metal from THE EARTH AND I (Full Album)

Nov. 6, 2017

The Earth & I is a female-fronted prgoressive metal band out of New York. Thei new album, The Candleman, is the first of two sister LPs. "The two albums fill a serious need in the progressive-metal world for non-operatic female vocals. Rich harmonies abound in a performance inspired by vocalist contemporaries Ashe O’Hara and Daniel Tompkins. Guitars juxtapose riff-heavy groove-oriented motifs with ethereal, glassy leads to create a space that is both heady and grounded. Bass and drums play in 4/4 the entire time, and do nothing remotely interesting anywhere in the either of the two albums. TEAI plays a mix of groovy, moody, syncopated metal and more upbeat, accessible rock tunes. They have been inspired by acts like Periphery, Skyharbor, Animals as Leaders, TesseracT, and Monuments. They put on an active, energetic show, featuring highly-practiced performances, and a custom-built lightshow." Listen below.