Post Metal from AIKIRA (Full Stream)

Feb. 23, 2018
""Light Cut" took shape between 2015 and 2017 period of very difficult times for all of the band members, overwhelmed by the need to find new inspiration and catharsis in their music. In the darkness that pervades their lives opposes a greater compositional harmony and the desire to experiment, to try to further extend sound solutions and arrangements. The Light Cut tracks are therefore more obscure and aware in songwriting compared to album debut, ranging between fascinations black-metal (Yonaguni) and more rarefied soundscapes (Drive) or lysergic (Something Escapes). The songs have a nervous trend, often interrupt and distort their plots (Alan) to sudden explosions that will find their ideal size in the live band. Even Etera, first single, shows the two faces of Aikira through a frenetic and more dilated moments of alternating riffs without ever decrease tension. The darkness also predominates in creeping vantablack, while Voyager perhaps represents a crack, a light cut precisely, between noise and demons syncopated rhythms.
The album, entirely self-produced, was recorded by David Grotto, at the ST study of Tortoreto (TE). The David himself has contributed to the album, playing piano and theremin in the two Elemental, short sound splinters born improvised during the recording sessions. The other partnership is the narrative voice of Emanuela Valiante on Something Escapes.
Light Cut was mixed by Enrico Baraldi at the Waiting Room Studio of Bologna, through a meticulous "craft" work, in line with the intentions of the band's spontaneity. The last phase of conception of Light Cut is by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini, for the master at his Studio 73 in Ravenna."