Post-Black from UNREQVITED (Full Stream)

Nov. 6, 2017

"Cold Records - a label under the banner of Concilium (Ordo MCM, Clavis Secretorvm, AnnapurnA) dedicated post-black metal, shoegaze, and other atmospheric sounds - is proud to present Unreqvited's momentous debut album, Disquiet, on vinyl LP format, on black vinyl (standard) and a very limited edition on splatter vinyl. Originally released toward the end of 2016 in an extremely limited edition, Disquiet soon found fervent followers of its expansive, breathtaking heights. Here, the mysterious Unreqvited blasted forth with a heartbreaking form of post-black metal completely given over to the most manic of emotions, with each of its seven equally epic tracks taking turns that were simultaneously depressing and uplifting, downward and heavenward. Disquiet didn't so much as reinvent the "blackgaze" idiom as it did perfect it; there's simply no denying the intense gravitas of Unreqvited's songwriting, no matter where you stand on the validity of that idiom. Unperturbed by such trivial matters, Cold fell in love with the album upon its initial release, and now endeavors to spread its majesty ever wider."