Music Video from French Progressive Metal band ERYN NON DAE

Jan. 3, 2018

Debemur Morti Productions is extremely proud to announce the signing of ERYN ON DAE., or just one of the most talented, bold, refreshing and adventurous French Progressive Metal band! The band comments: "We always felt that our previous labels signed us without really knowing what the band was all about. This resulted in some discomfort on both sides. Something new and exciting is coming with our agreement with Debemur Morti Productions. Regarding what they have done since 2003, we feel that we share a common vision about what a record can be, a work of passion, time and dedication. This is what ERYN ON DAE. had been about since day one. Creating the new album has been a strange journey and we are excited and very impatient to embrace a new era with Debemur Morti Productions !"

The highly anticipated follow-up to 2012's "Meliora" will be released in the coming months, prepare yourself for a unbelievable trip into the depths of the soul...