LET'S TALK ABOUT: Annotations Of An Autopsy Comeback - World of Sludge Quick Discussion

A look back at the history of UK deathcore legends AOAA and a brief discussion of 'World of Sludge' AKA their comeback release

May 31, 2019

World of Sludge

Annotations Of An Autopsy is one of those bands within the underground metal community that made a name for itself as a MySpace-era deathcore band that was instrumentally brutal, vocally vile and relentlessly heavy and as over-the-top as it got back then. Formed in the UK in the mid-to-late 2000s, the Suffolk-based five piece had a total of four releases: two EPs and two full-length albums under labels Siege of Amida Records Nuclear Blast prior to splitting up in early 2013, having their farewell show in London. Oddly enough, the band also changed their sound a few times over their career, starting out as a typical brutal deathcore band with pig squeals and slam influences, then moving to a more traditional death metal sound before finishing off as a beatdown project during the time of their initial split.


However, all of that is now behind them...as the band is back in all of its g(l)ory greatness with their newest and third EP titled World of Sludge. This latest EP is a callback to their early Welcome to Sludge City days in most ways: from the br00tal, sometimes slammy guttural vocals (which include pig squeals, fry highs and the likes throughout) to the chromatic riffs and deathcore Gothenburg fills here and there as well as the beatdown-esque track 'Murder' feat. Scotty Hall (Street Soldier) rapping towards the end, there is some variety to be found. Well, I can safely say it's more enjoyable than their early 2010s material. Also, the production is as grimey as ever, with songs like 'World of Sludge' and 'Stomped to Death' really showing off all the breakdowns, slowdowns and guttural madness. 'Too Weak to Fuck with Me' also has that distinct edgy vibe and lyricism akin to Waking The Cadaver, but the intro track is about as fleshed out and insane as it gets. 


Overall, I'd say it's a nice, unexpected return to form and a good surprise for OG fans, even if it's a bit of a brief one. Nothing too complicated or out there, but just heavy and nostalgic enough to warrant a listen.


Focus Tracks'World of Sludge', 'Too Weak to Fuck with Me'

Quick Rating: 8/10


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Check it out: (**Full Stream courtesy of Annotations Of An Autopsy Slam Worldwide**)



-Post by Dave Raffy


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