Interesting Sludge from THE BLACKTONES (Full Stream)

Feb. 28, 2018

"The Blacktones band was born in Cagliari, on March of 2011. Their style has been influenced by the Metal/Stoner/Grunge wave that occurred since the 90’s, adding some polyrythmic elements. Their sound is very dark, from their melodies perspires a little of melancholy, but they soon lead to granitic riffs." The band recently released their latest album through Sliptrick Records.

"The Blacktones have consciously changed things up from their previous album, and as such, the new album The Day We Shut Down The Sun contains more aggressive songs with strong guitar arrangements imbued with accessible complexity. Vocals choruses are temporarily abandoned to allow screams and growls to enforce the groovy riffs while enforcing the melodic moments.

The songs themselves have different themes (stories like Nowhere Man and the title track, or personal reflections such as I.D.I.O.T.S) but are placed on the albums track list as an imaginary path to “the end of existence”. Like a countdown, the experimental intros between songs are named like tarot cards. Each one represents the loss of a human feature, until the last card, The Fool, which represents the void.""