FRESH TRACKS: "Othan" Folk Metal from HEILUNG

April 30, 2019

Pagan, folk metal band HEILUNG will be releasing their next full-length, Futha, on June 28 via Season of Mist. Following up the first single "Norupo," the band has now relleased another track, "Othan," from the upcoming album FuthaThe band comments: "This is one of the compositions that, in a Heilung context, might appear as a relaxed song. Nevertheless, it contains ancient combat protection spells and Odin, the highest northern god, appears as the lord of war. The first part is a combination of spells from bracteates, which is very hard to grasp or translate. These pendants or coins were produced mostly during the migration period up until the 7th century AD in northern Europe." Listen below and pre-order the album HERE.

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