FRESH TRACKS: New Song from Upcoming EXMORTUS Record

April 5, 2018

Today EXMORTUS present the first single off their upcoming album, The Sound Of Steel, set for release on June 8, 2018. Watch the lyric video for album track, “Make Haste” below.

"Inspired by the constant pressure of making deadlines and getting shit done, this song was the first one written for the record and will set the mood and attitude just right as the opening track. Rise to the occasion and strike while the iron's hot! Make Haste!" states EXMORTUS founder, vocalist and guitarist, Jadren “Conan” Gonzalez.

Produced by Zack Ohren (Machine Head, Fallujah, Suffocation) at Sharkbite Studio; The Sound Of Steel delivers a visceral call to arms in a maelstrom of thrashing, neo-classical, blackened death as EXMORTUS tear fresh wounds into their ever-pioneering discography. Soaring to unprecedented heights; the ineffable kings of California thrash effortlessly mix sonic precision with raw, bloody savagery.

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