Episode 3 of TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT Streaming Now

June 11, 2018

Imagine Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Gorburger Show, and The Chris Gethard Show all thrown together with a little bit of insanity and corpse paint. Filmed live at Brooklyn's St. Vitus and hosted by Gwarsenio Hall (Jordan Olds), TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT is a self-produced web series making the best metal-themed talk show episodes, sketches and cover videos for the various black t-shirt afficianados of YouTube-land since 2015. With eight full episodes planned for Season 1, the web series will debut a new episode each month. 

This month's guests are California-based metalcore giants Of Mice & Men and the ever-talented axe shredder Gina Gleason of Baroness (also of Santana, Brendan Small's Galaktikon, Misstallica, and more!), as well as appearances by adult film actresses Nadia White and Madison Young. Segments include an unnamed skit that involves Of Mice & Men summarizing the band's favorite John Steinbeck novel, a hilarious porn parody of the show called Two Minutes To Sex. This month's musical number features Gina Gleason + Mutoid Man with Emily Lee and Gwarsenio Hall performing "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen. The official cologne of TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT, created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, is also featured in its own commercial.  

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